Utility Savings For Small Businesses

If you run your own business, many bills will fall on your desk every month. From electricity bills to payroll, communication bills, and taxes – the cost of these bills could be daunting at one time or another. However, one of the bills that is often overlooked by small business owners is the cost of utility bills. And if you consider the utility costs, this is one area where you can substantially bring the costs down for running the business.

Let’s look at some practical ways to cut down the utility bills to counter your business expenditures.

Review Your Energy Costs

Many states in the US and many countries have competitive markets for electricity. This means that if you are in one of those locations you can work with one of the many agencies that can help you negotiate savings on your utility bills. All you have to do is get with them and they can review your bill with you and then go out to the market to see if they can get you a better rate.

Go For Natural Lighting

Encourage your workers to save energy by working in a natural light environment during the day time. Open the windows and use the lights only when necessary, like during the evening hours if the workers are staying back late for work.

Choose The Stairs

Encourage your workers to walk the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Choosing to take the stairs, not only saves energy at your workplace, but it also helps improve the health and well-being of your workers. 

Go For Motion Detectors

You can also cut down on energy by using motion detectors at your workplace. This can prevent unnecessary use of power as the lights turn on only when motion is detected. If there is no movement, the lights turn off by themselves, thus saving energy. You can use power only when required.

Invest On Laptops

Laptops consume lesser energy than desktop computers. So, if you are starting your own business, it is advisable to invest in more laptops rather than desktops to run your business. No doubt, the laptops will cost more when you purchase them, but it will be more beneficial in the long run for saving up on energy at your workplace. Also your employees can have the flexibility to work from home if the kids are sick or some emergency pops up after hours.

Upgrade Your Devices

Any kind of electronic device consumes a substantial amount of energy that can add up to your utility bill. Therefore, it is more sensible to invest one time on a more energy-efficient device, even if it may cost a bit more at the time of purchase. When you use it over the long term, you will realize that it was more cost-effective to invest in an energy-efficient device.

Seal The Leaks

Another way of cutting down on utility bills is to seal any kinds of air leaks around the office. Keep a check on the office doors and windows, and when you have detected any air leaks around the workplace, make sure to seal them immediately. If left undetected, that is money just flying out the door, or window.

Use Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs  

Light bulbs can consume a sizable amount of energy at the workplace as they are used for prolonged periods. So, it is better to choose energy-efficient bulbs for the office. If you consider the long term use, it will be more beneficial for you when it comes to cutting down on utility costs. We are talking about significant cost-cutting for small businesses in this area. That does not include LEDs are naturally brighter and do not have the same flickering effect that fluorescent lights have, making for a much better work environment for your employees.

Use Programmable Thermostat

You can invest in a programmable thermostat for your workplace. It is an excellent investment as it is programmed to automatically adjust the temperature of a place depending on whether someone is working or not. This can prevent the AC from working all night when no one is working. This makes for a significant utility saving, especially if you are running a small business.

Cut Down On The Use Of Paper

Cutting down on paper usage is another way of saving energy at your workplace. Using more paper means using the printer more; this means the use of more power. This also means spending more on paper and other printing materials, which can add up to your monthly utility bills. Therefore, reducing paper usage is an excellent way of saving money and helping out the environment.

Go For Power Strips

If you have a break room that provides television and other devices for lounging around during the break time, make sure the devices are not kept on when not in use. They may be essential for employees when they need a break from work, but electronic devices can suck up plenty of energy if kept on for long hours. Use a standard power strip for all devices and make sure they are off when no one is around. This idea can go a long way in saving some costs for your business.

Shutdown Your Computers

Some people shut down their computers before they leave for home, but I would wager that many do not. Encourage your employees to shut down every day when they go home to save on electricity and it is ultimately better for the computers anyway.

Save Energy Mode

Discipline your employees to turn off all equipment, and all electronic devices when they call it a day. Make it a practice for the last employee leaving the office to turn off all the lights, check the rooms and see if any devices are on. Make sure no appliances are running when no one is around. These small acts can go a long way in saving your utility bills.

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