Benefits of writing a diary (and how to start yours)

Even if you think it’s useless, there are plenty of reasons to keep a diary. Maybe you want your children to know about your achievements, maybe you want to take advantage of your creativity and make sure you don’t miss anything, or maybe you want to free yourself from your thoughts and tell stories by writing.

Writing a diary can bring you many benefits, or writing or drawing (you can also opt for a graphic diary)  have therapeutic effects. It can help us get to know each other better and improve our ability to express ourselves.

Whatever it is, we should all write our own diary. Here are the reasons:

1. Regular writing has mental health benefits

There is so much evidence confirming the mental and emotional benefits of journaling that psychologists and therapists often encourage their patients to do so. In fact, this practice is so well regarded that there is a Diary Therapy Center dedicated to the mental benefits of regular writing in both therapeutic and personal cases.

2. Keeping a diary helps you harness your creativity

The creative advantages of having a journal are more than proven.

You may have heard that the best way to improve writing is by writing, but the benefits go beyond creating better phrases. Regular writing helps us learn to process and communicate complex ideas effectively. It helps to memorize important ideas and create new ones.

3. Even if these reasons don’t convince you, regularly writing has practical benefits

It’s a reminder of accomplishments to be proud of, mistakes you’ve made, or great moments you want to remember. It can be your history of mistakes and successes or a guide to when you feel lost.

A diary is not just for work. It’s a great way to create better habits.

4. It forces you to be aware of your actions

If you want to do an analysis of what you eat, a food diary is a great way to stay informed. Or just write down the positive experiences you’ve had and keep track of your mood to help you get to know yourself and everything that makes you feel good. You’ll know which experiences to repeat and which to avoid.

Which medium should you choose, and why?

  1. If you like the feeling of physically writing your thoughts, a paper notebook is the best option for you.
  2. Now the tablets also have applications and tools for newspapers, and if you are a technologically-oriented person, they are a great option. Plus, you’ll avoid worries about losing your notes because you can have copies saved.
  3. A blog: if publicity doesn’t bother you, creating a blog is a great way to tell the world about your life. Now there are social networks that let you do it.
  4. You can have a graphic diary in which to draw what you consider relevant.

You don’t have to be a Kurt Cobain, Coco Chanel, or any other famous artist to have worthwhile experiences and thoughts. In all cases, writing a diary is a very beneficial experience for you and enlightening for anyone you decide to share it with.

Don’t wait any longer; start the journal of your life today!

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